Indicaveritis Mihi


Yes, it’s me Julius, and I want to know what you all are plotting against me. Just this week my wife attempted to convince me not to visit the Senate House to no avail.

As did multiple other individuals, I don’t know what is happening or why, but this needs to stop.

At one point my wife had convinced me, and I’d decided to stay at the safety of my home, but my dear friend Decius has convinced me otherwise.

Whatever you all thought, you have been misinformed.

I am the Great Julius Caesar and need worry of absolutely nothing in this world.

So whatever doubts you’ve had of my safety may be put behind you. I am going to the Capitol, no-one is stopping me, and no-one needs worry of my well-being.

Thanks, but no thanks.

– Yours Truly, A Confused Julius Caesar


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