Julius Caesar

De Caesaris Quod Finis

Hello my fellow Romans.

Caesar has been murdered, meaning this blog is to be discontinued.

Caesar’s death was an act of treachery and betrayal, on not just Caesar himself, but the entire state of Rome and it’s well being.

Brutus, Caesar’s so called friend has aided in this act against Rome by stabbing our dear Julius in his back.

You cannot, and should not trust our Roman senators, for they have declared war against their own.

Thank you, and to our dear Julius Caesar, may he rest in peace.

– Marc Antony

Camuccini, Vincenzo, 1771-1844; The Death of Julius Caesar


A Soothsayer??

Is it just me or is something weird going on???

A Soothsayer just informed me to, “Beware the ides of March.”

I feel like something’s going down that everybody BUT me knows about…

It must just be paranoia…

– Julius Caesar, singing off


At long last I may return home! I bring great news for the empire of Rome.

Pompey and his sons have been defeated, by no other than I. Pompey has fled to Egypt like the coward that he truly is.

It was a tedious battle, but thou may never doubt the Great Julius Caesar, for when is it that I ever have failed??

None the matter, I have spoken too long, for my chariot awaits.

Farewell fellow Romans, I shall be home quicker than when I left.

Yours Truly – Julius The Great